Best Fabrics For Quilting

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ann lauer quilting fabric

Quilting is a creative skill. Apparently made of fabric and filled with the soft interiors, a quilt is an essential for staying comfortable. Quilting is an art in itself. The quilters use several alternatives to create the perfect quilt. The first essential in making the quilts is the choice of fabric. Some would go for cotton as the right choice while others would prefer something more sophisticated and unique. The creation of the perfect quilt rests on the fact that how well and how vigilantly you choose the ann lauer quilting fabric for your quilt.

If you are a quilter and want to create the best then here we have a guide to let you know that which Anna lauer quilting fabrics can give the desired results.

  1. Pure cotton

100% cotton is the most loved fabric among the quilters. Beginners might feel it a little challenging fabric to handle due to shrinkage but the overall look and elegance has no match. The cotton comes in different qualities.  The better quality cotton you get the less problems you would face. The darker colours often bleed while doing the laundry. To avoid this it is better to wash it thoroughly before stitching the quilt.

  1. Cotton Decorating Fabric

Fabrics for Quilting

Cotton decorator fabrics weigh more and are appreciated by the quilters for sateen like look. There is limited drapability. These fabrics are great if you want to have decorative quilt for your bedroom or the living room.  The heavy weight makes them just the perfect choice for throw pillows and even the tote bags.


Linen is one of the popular Anna lauer fabrics.  Flax plant is the main element used in making this fabric. Linen is acclaimed for being nicely woven. It is highly absorbent and gives a cool feeling to the user. Though many quilters use linen because of the fine texture but at the same time some do criticize this quality. They believe that the open weave can be a huge problem after the finished product goes for laundry. For those who love the linen like look and the texture there is an alternative in the shape of quilter’s linen that is a cotton rich fabric and comes in several colours and designs.


While talking of the Anna lauer quilting fabrics quilters often mention flannel as a great choice due to its wide range of prints. It can either be used alone or along with other fabrics. Flannel is recommended to make quilts for the little members of the family who need something really comfortable and friendly to use. They definitely love the cuddly texture that gives a warm feeling to the user.

  1. Voile

Voile looks more like lightweight cotton but it softer and even silkier in touch than the ordinary cotton. It works great as the quilt top. It is better to use some other fabric like cotton for the base. You can even buy the voile in transparent appearance as well. Thus, you can get the print or colour according your personal preference.


If you are going out to get the right fabric for your quilt makes sure not to get overwhelmed by the colours and prints. What matters the most is the quality. If you are combining different fabrics to make an applique like quilt then make sure to get the fabrics that have the same weight. If you take fabrics with varying weights they can be hard to manage while doing the laundry as all these would perform differently in the water. Please visit for more information.