Essential First Aid Rules

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Whether you have learnt first aid techniques or you have just joined the first aid classes in perth it is essential to remember the golden rules behind successful administration of the first aid techniques.

  1. The P strategy

In order to perform the first aid techniques it is important to remember the three P factors behind the treatment. When an individual goes through the senior first aid refresher course it is made sure that he gets acquainted with these three P factors. The P’s refer to

  • Protecting the life
  • Promoting speedy recovery
  • Prevent deterioration and mental trauma

These simple goals serve the purpose of assistance and support so that the subject in grief can feel at ease. The strategy emphasizes on healing and curing through love and care.

  1. Investigating the scenario

To treat a patient in the hospital even a doctor requires the background information. It is essential to know how and when the event took place. An insight would allow giving the right treatment to the affected. Sometimes it is not worth jumping into the site of the accident.  It makes no sense when you try handling the situation that you are unaware of. This is just putting yourself into risk and as a result instead of helping others you will find yourself falling into some serious problem.

  1. Handle the bleeding first

If there are cuts and bruises on the body then there are chances that the victim will bleed extensively. Blood loss can cause weakness that would further deteriorate the health conditions. Treat the wounds that are bleeding first. Gently press the wound or use a bandage to cover the wound. If you have an ointment or antibiotic in the pocket add it to the wound to make sure that it gets clear of the germs.

  1. Check for the sprains

In many cases besides the bleeding wounds the victim also suffers the sprains and the twists; this can be really painful at times. Thus the trainees under the senior first aid refresher course are trained to detect and then treat the sprains after handling the bleeding wounds. If you feel the swelling in the sprained area you can use the ice to reduce it accordingly.

  1. Placing the injured limp at right angle

It is better to elevate the limb that is injured. In case of extreme pain wrap an ice cube in a cloth or a plastic bag whatever is available and put it on the area of pain. Compress the injured area and create a sling to hold the limb. Once you have completed the procedure guide the victim to stay away from carrying the loads.

  1. Remedial for heat stroke

Heat strokes are most common reported incidents in the hot summers. The students getting the senior first aid refresher course are taught to handle this situation by comforting the patient through cooling down the body. Take the affected under the shade and save him with liquids. Serve him with water to raise the water level to make him feel hydrated. For more information visit our website: