Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

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Despite of being a healthy, rewarding, and flexible career, personal training also has some downsides. So just before you go for getting a personal trainer certification by completing CEC accreditation courses you should first check out all the pros and cons of personal training.

  1. Working Hours

A personal trainer should always be there when his clients want personal training. Usually the personal trainers are hired by the gyms as their employees. So being a personal trainer in a gym means that you have to oblige with the gym timings which could be from early morning to late evening.

In some cases, personal trainers work as independent contractors. They could either be working in gyms or may visit the houses of their clients. So working as an independent contractor means that you will be negotiating your appointment time with your clients. As an independent contractor, your working hour depends on the availability of your clients.

  1. Legal Issues

One of the major problem while working as an independent contractor is that since you are self-employed you will be paying your own taxes. Not just this, you will you also have to carry your liability insurance alongside you. The liability insurance deeply depends on where are you working and what are the terms of contract.

  1. Self-Fulfilment

Every client doesn’t want to change his- or herself completely. They may want either personal trainers for a couple of sessions to know are the lifting weights properly or they may hire a personal trainer to their workouts most beneficial. Well the life changing process of some clients may depend on your training. Focusing and achieving long-term fitness goals may give the clients a feeling of self-accomplishment. Although you won’t be appreciated for what they have accomplished but still you get the fulfilment of making your clients reach their goal.

  1. Fluctuating Income

Working as an independent contractor means you won’t be getting your salary from any company. This is why your income may constantly be fluctuating. Your income totally depends on when your clients pay your bills and it is also not 100% guaranteed that whether they will pay the bills or not. Moreover, there are some seasons, like January, in which people are more motivated to lose weight and the income during these seasons can be very high. Similarly, the summer season can be a low income season for the personal trainers because majority of the clients are on vacations.

  1. Gym Benefits

Whether you are working as a gym employee or have a contract with the gym you will always have a free membership of the gym. You will be shocked to know that after training everybody in the gym you can stay in the gym, where you are working, for your workout. Moreover, you will also have an easy access to all the gym facilities. Go right here to find out more details.